Providing feedback to others about how they can improve their performance. How DISC can make a real difference to the way you work with people. ©2021 Personality Profile Solutions, LLC. It gives you objective data that allows you to isolate some of the common denominators present in your high or low performers. Their peers frequently engage in casual conversation. People who fall into each of the four major DISC personality styles can all be effective and capable leaders. Meetings should be minimal, formally scheduled, and with a prepared agenda. Marston observed that you can broadly define yourself through one or two of these traits that fit you most closely. This type of individual is quite distrustful of others, and will prefer to keep facts to themselves unless absolutely necessary. Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviors®, and PXT Select™ are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. Appearing cold, detached or uninvolved when interacting with others. Questioners can help more emotional, enthusiastic coworkers analyze and question new ideas. Video Intro of the PBS Special: The Model of … Why I chose this art piece for the CS style Suite #300 This video will help you understand DISC Type Cd personality types. Note: This page applies only to Everything DiSC assessment results. Everything DiSC improves on Marston’s DISC theory, and provides 8 DiSC Personality Types (12 Individual Scales). D: The Winner. DiSC is an acronym that stands for the four main personality profiles described in the DiSC model: (D)ominance, (i)nfluence, (S)teadiness and (C)onscientiousness. We apply the DISC personality model with four main ideas that allow it to be used appropriately as an effective and encouraging tool: A modern theory with ancient roots. Directing others to follow rules and procedures. Being overly brief or robotic in communication. Using a reserved, business-like approach when interacting with others. Marston’s DISC system began with the four compass points of personality that give the profiles their name: dominance (D), influence (i), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C). Resolute leaders: DiSC CD or DC style leadership. The CD-style leader can be questioning, independent leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quote to get better results; or they can be cynical, insensitive leaders who seem intent on putting a negative spin on everything. Questioners can be focused, intense partners. If you want a quick review of your own style, or if you’re looking for help working with a CD-style person, we hope this short summary will help you out. History. Personality profiling that's quick, simple and effective. This rule is a twist on the Golden Rule.   They are asked to give performance feedback to others. DISC works by measuring four fundamental factors in a person's behavior, and using those four factors to describe their personality by developing a 'DISC profile'. People with the DiSC Classic Profile Creative Pattern express themselves from opposing behavioral forces. DISC Personality C Careers: Engineer; Analyst; Scientist; Developer; Systems Administrator; Data Scientist; Investment Analyst; Actuary . Curious about your own style? D: Dominance. We recommend taking Everything DiSC Workplace. Staying aware of the personal and emotional needs of other people. People with the DiSC S style personality tend to place an emphasis on cooperating with others within existing circumstances to carry out a task. Showing people how to do things the correct way. People with the CD personality type tend to remove emotions from decision-making as much as possible, valuing efficiency and logic over intuition or social proof. Checking in frequently to make sure people are on the same page. “Our DISC assessment (and DISC assessments in general) are built around the intersection of two traits, something usually called ‘Surgency’ which is similar to, but not exactly Extraversion, and a trait usually called Agreeableness which is analogous to T/F in personality typing. They have to consider the feelings of others. Focusing on the primary reasons for a problem rather than the symptoms. Being straightforward, objective, and grounded in reality. You can find your DISC, Enneagram, and 16-Personality types by taking Crystal's free personality test. Focusing on what … This is my own style and finding an appropriate image was challenging. It's tempting to assume that there is one disc personality type that's most naturally suited to lead. What is DISC? Developing efficient approaches that improve performance and maintain quality. D: Dominance. Working for You. In the detailed report you will find a graph depicting your DISC type and a concise textual characterization of your personality profile. Luckily, my style enjoys a good challenge and this painting is itself challenging. This makes them well-suited for environments that are more autonomous and value accuracy, logic, and pragmatism. Focused and inspirational, Winners have a big-picture mindset, looking to results … It shows the backbone and focus of the CD style, but in dark tones which suggest to me the no-nonsense style with it’s desire for privacy, control, and stability. Conflict should be handled in a logical, unemotional, and well-informed way. Showing people how to do things in a logical sequence. If you are looking for a fast way to better understand yourself – and others, you are in the right place.