I am a fan of insurance, or at least reasonable partial coverage anyway. http://www.co.clear-creek.co.us You’ll have to search county by county. Even if the RV burned down in many cases it wouldn’t hurt much of anything. For anyone interested – Eureka County in Northern Nevada has no building codes. Do you have trouble with crime from neighboring areas ? The bright side of the econ crash is that land prices should crater over the next few years and with them many counties should be forced to lay of bureaucrats. You would think Joshua Tree or vicinity but it was on a remote five acre parcel in Joshua Tree where I was told no building at all without permit. are you sure? Third on our list is Tennessee, generally considered a great all-rounder. Would you move anywhere if there was a community designed for you to live how you would like with restrictions only to keep things from looking like a trash pile? State Question 788 and Commercial Applications Counties are eager for revenue. We usually recommend running electrical wire in the recesses between bags. I’ll add in that that agricultural buildings are often not “public buildings” and the state laws state that agricultural buildings and uses are exempt from town zoning by-laws. In August of 2011 I found out that the Klamath County building code would not allow my project. 150 Ash Avenue The change in law will go into effect once the bill is signed by the Governor and all necessary paperwork has been filed by the State. “In God’s fat little pocket”. Most businesses have to pay a dump fee and are very happy to give them away. Me and my husband would like to build earthbag home. A pre-application conference is available for a fee of $300.”. The town itself has building codes so folks going with alternative building methods should avoid it and consider unincorporated Custer county. Let me know if you've any leads, thanks. That map can be important in selecting building sites that are close to the available building materials already available on the land, minimizing hauling. The pros are lot size, low cost and the view. Mesa County, Costilla County, Park County, Fremont County (irony), and Lake County all have building codes, and Park is absolutely insane. It’s a neat idea worth pursuing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Or to keep you from escapeing our beloved motherland. Access Code: 1997 Uniform Building Code, Technical Assistance: As much as i dont see eye to eye with the mentality of the south nor the heat..(hell,being a woman with a brain is hard enough here..lol)..However, with that being said and u want southern living,Texas has 5 or six tiny house communities already functioning….spur..willis, luling Austin, and more coming im told…and many unrestricted land, like Seguin , Texas. What’s the diff? Therefore, this is the perfect location for people who want to live in shipping container homes as a recreational abode. It doesn’t usually work. The environments ability to mend itself is amazing and only now becoming more understood. It’s like a pinball bouncing around until it finally lands in the hole. They reek with formaldehyde and other chemicals. Politicians are basically cowards; if enough of their constituents complain, they’ll start to fear for their job if they act inappropriately. Delta There needs to be some sort of opt-out clause, where if you don’t build to code then you must disclose this fact if you ever sell. Just wanted to chime in by saying that the county around Cody, Wyoming has no building codes. One guy said they only check the septic, and all you have to do is send them a photo! Many places still offer the freedom to live and develop the life you as an individual choose. For questions regarding the OUBCC Building Codes and State Question 788 with regards to commercial applications, please click the link below. Very true. Chill out or you will be banned. Suing the government is like asking the right arm to cut off the left arm. 104 I will move anywhere in the west without building codes…even Kansas! Still searching. Man, I loved it. Search by state or city to find building codes for your area. sad but becoming true very quickly…1.5 million ex-pats living in Mexico can’t all be wrong. of tyranny. Two things I know from experience: 1. Well id make dam sure your earth bag building is legal before id do all the labor to build one.Many of the posts seem to be of foreign countrys where things are a lot more lax. The property is located in the Centennial Ranch area. Does anyone know which counties in Az. Oh yeah, and yes..the current maximum allowable sq footage without requiring a permit is 200 sq ft. Up from the 120 ft. it used to be. Access Code: No Building Code, Technical Assistance: If Glen Beck says it, you know it’s not true. Specifically Belen, New Mexico. What is the point of trying to build an Earthship for next to nothing when they gouge you on fees and fines for stuff we are trying to get away from? (970) 944-2225 Yes, codes can be burdensome but they can also protect the health and safety of citizens. Send him an email and maybe he will tell you which counties in Colorado are code-free. Sometimes you can find places that are 25 minutes to an hour away with far fewer building regulations.